Posted by: jbarnesca | December 18, 2009

Southern Cal Edison’s IPP Solar Program (CPUC Resolution)

The first state of California new 2010 program for large scale distributed solar PV with new features, as compared to the prior RPS solicitations, is the SCE Solar Photovoltaic Program called the SCE SPVP program for short.

After much discussion and many complaints from well informed solar advocate groups the California Public Utilities Commission is set to determine more details of the Independent Power Producer’s 250MW max portion of this program.

In particular the resolutions and decisions stated in the draft resolution are set to be determined on January 21st.  This  will determine several contentious parts of the program and is important because as the first of the upcoming programs it may set precidents for the other following programs that I have mentioned in the earlier posts.

To refresh your memory these are the gross outlines of this important program.

Eligibility Criteria

SCE proposed the following eligibility criteria for the SPVP:

  • Projects located within SCE’s service territory
  • Rooftop projects primarily in the 1 to 2 MW range[1]
  • Proposed projects must demonstrate site control
  • Seller must have sufficient project development experience
  • Project must use a commercially proven solar PV system and use Underwriter Laboratories (UL) rated components
  • Levelized cost cannot exceed $260/MWh for any project
  • Projects delivering under the SPVP must not participate in the CSI or net energy metering programs
  • Projects must be scheduled to begin initial operation within 18 months of PPA execution

[1] SPVP-eligible projects also include ground-mounted projects, so long as these projects do not exceed 10 percent of the overall program capacity.  (D.09-06-049, page 40, fn 48)

One very onerous initial proposal from SCE for this program was the incorporation of the RPS “project viability calculator” for this program. Due to protests from several groups including Solar Power Development Partners, this portion was taken out of the approved program.

For all interested in this this new very important SCE solar PV program,I encourage you to read this resolution in detail.

Later posts after Christmas will talk about further details of this program, in particular selection criterion, the reverse auction bidding process for the IPP portion of the program, and ways to be rejected in the complex bidding process by SCE.


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