Posted by: jbarnesca | December 31, 2009

244 Renewable Energy Projects For California

On December 29th the “Governator” produced a listing of 244 renewable energy projects in the planning and approval stages that would make progress in reaching the 33% RPS goal.  This set of projects could produce  power of about 70GWs annually, as compared to the present renewable energy annual generation of about 8GW.

This list is STAGGERING in the sizes being considered and in the investment money that will be required to implement these projects.  Unfortunately this is somewhat like the prior California RPS programs that exist on the books as approved, but have no way to be connected without massive upgrades in the transmission capacity of these regions.  Especially the Mojave desert area around Barstow, is in poor shape for this infusion of solar.  The group formed by CA is supposed to make work with the federal BLM and other approval agencies streamlined.

Anyway take a look at the PDF file lists  from the web site page to see this massive group of proposed new projects.  Projects are on two PDF lists; one for those seeking 2009 ARRA loan guarantees, or not.

This list states the named developer for solar PV farms, so who are the largest projected companies?  Of the present solar PV leaders in the commercial and new solar PV farms in the US, First Solar with their module/development/investment/ownership management strength stands by themselves.  First Solar’s totals from these two lists are >7.2GWp.

Two huge new developers also stand out on these lists: Bullfrog Green Energy, LLC, and EnXco.  Bullfrog has proposed >5GWp alone in Riverside county; however, recent checks question the status of Bullfrog as a viable solar PV developer.  EnXco has totals of > 2.2GWp planned.

Remember you must still make a PPA deal with SCE/PG&E/SDG&E and be approved by the CPUC with their onerous MPR type mentality for the value of being a renewable source of energy.  See the programs upcoming in 2010 outside of the RPS solicitation earlier in the blog listing for some information on those programs.


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