Posted by: jbarnesca | January 22, 2010

CPUC Approves Final Details of SCE SPVP Program

As I had stated in the earlier posting about some details of the requirements and rules for the IPP(Independent Power Producer) portion of the SCE roof top solar program called SPVP, the CPUC was to rule on important aspects on Jan 21.

They have approved the details explained in the document called Draft Resolution E-4299 as published today.  This should set in motion the previously published time frame schedule that SCE had shown for this program.  In late October SCE had sent information and instructions out to perspective developers for the 250 MWp IPP portion of the program to prepare for this bidding process to start in Q1 2020, although they said they would take 60 days to reach the posted TO start item from approval of all aspects of their advice letter.

Since these details are expected to be a precedence for upcoming programs such as the PG&E IPP program, the SDG&E program, the CPUC program, and the SB 32 program, it is wise to look at this program in detail to speculate on the ways that the CPUC will rule in the future.

Of course, I could be wrong and future formal “protest letters” about particular items from the PG&E proposal  could make for other positive adjustments in these upcoming programs.


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