Posted by: jbarnesca | January 30, 2010

Renewable Distributed Energy Collaborative (Re-DEC)

In an attempt to bring the major stakeholders for large scale solar implementation in California into one meeting to remove confusion and facilitate implementation, the CPUC has established a Renewable Distributed Energy Collaborative(Re-DEC) working group.

A first kick off meeting was held earlier in December at the CPUC in SF, with some presentations and notes of that meeting now posted on the CPUC web site.

The main focus of that first meeting was to try to understand issues that make the solar farm connection process easier and less time consuming.  However, this exposed one of the major areas of disagreement between the Utility interests and the interest of solar power PV or solar CST farm developers.  This concerns knowledge about what capacity is available on the Utility distribution lines for solar PV farm connection, what capacity is available at the substations, and what is the exact approval process for such a connection.  Of course the details of the FERC/CEC small generator interconnection procedure (SGIP) were also hotly discussed.

My impression, from being a part of the meeting, was that this could serve to remove some confusion about details of the program implementation process, help to understand the views of the various parties; and most importantly allow some reduction in the application process time, and ease the issues with connection to the Utility grid for future programs coming to CA.


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