Posted by: jbarnesca | February 3, 2010

Top US Utility Scale Solar PV Farm Developers

In a very nice article today Shayle Kann of Greentechn Media lists their top 12 large scale solar PV developers for the US.  From their view they sort out projects and developers that are “not viable” in the listing.

He has an important statement in that article:

But most of these projects will never be built. They’ll run across siting, permitting, and interconnection hurdles. They’ll have trouble signing PPAs at sufficient prices. Or they’ll overcome the prior constraints and still be unable to close financing.

 This is why the promise of distributed generation sites is so viable, with a reasonable program from the CPUC or legislative FIT rulings.  With sites in the 1.5-10MWp range lots more possiblities for connection and project viability come into play for the developer/investor groups.

Anyway the listing from that nice article is copied here below.  You can see the phenominal pipeline of the First Solar group and the strong SunPower showing as well. 

Top 12 Utility Scale PV Developers

Comparisons of this listing with the recent 244 renewable energy projects in CA from the Governor, and discussed in an earlier post, shows how large the reality check can become.


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