Posted by: jbarnesca | March 2, 2010

SCE Solar Photovoltaic Program Timelines

The important final CPUC approval of the SCE solar roof top IPP program now has schedule dates posted.  According to the SCE site there will be a formal launch of the program on March 18th, followed by an informational meeting near the LA airport around March 30th.

Key dates are:

  1. Deadline for submission of bids to SCE of April 19th
  2. SCE execution of all contracts on July 26th

Also of key interest is the posting of the Area Maps where they “suggest” that you try to develop these roof top solar projects that may not exceed 2MW AC in output.  They were able to comply with the CPUC ruling by showing “areas” where they state the maximum capacity that they desire in that location.  This is then labeled with, usually, a 2MVA or up to 3MVA available capacity note.

Boy, it will be hard to find any sites in most of these locations where any large warehouse roof can be found to get anywhere close to the larger sizes.  I have not of course looked at all of these sites to make that conclusion, but have looked at some in the normal course of solar site selection work.



  1. can you provide the SCE link to “preferred” areas
    for < 20MW solar PV farms in Southern California.

    • Jon,
      For the SPVP program they supplied the “little red squares” for capacity additionin the 2MVA to 3MVA range; however, for the recently closed RSC program for larger sizes they suppllied no such suggestions.

      I will send the first link to you later in the day, when I can, if that is what you desire.

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