Posted by: jbarnesca | March 24, 2010

First Solar Divides UP 550 MW to PG&E and SCE

On March 9th it was announced that First Solar had arranged to sell 300 MW of their power from a facility under development to PG&E on a PPA agreement.  This comes after the first 250 MW had been contracted for SCE from this Desert Center project in Riverside County.  This new agreement is subject to approval by the CPUC, and might be part of a yearly RPS solicitation, or a separate solar contract.

This is surely a significant size deal for the First Solar investment/ownership/module company.  Also today it shows the great competition between First Solar and Sunpower for large shares of the huge utility solar PV market in CA.  Sunpower was recently awarded 200MWp of the modules for the SCE SPVP portion that SCE owns, that I have been talking about in prior posts.

So again we see the fight of these two module giants for the hearts, minds, and budgets of SCE/PG&E and their need for these agreements to be approved by the CPUC.  Since these deals are very confidential it is hard to know the real terms of such agreements, without much detective work.


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