Posted by: jbarnesca | April 22, 2010

Why is CA Smarter Than the Rest of the World and US?

All of the push and lobbying effort for programs for new distributed generation of solar PV  in California is now on the path to embrace a “reverse auction” for PPA pricing instead of a proven FIT.  This pressure is applied by  tax payer’s groups such as TURN, the Utilities themselves, and somewhat suprisingly by large successful solar companies as seen in the Solar Alliance organization.

While the rest of the world has shown the large benefit of a normal FIT rate to determine investment certainty and spark massive new deployments, we in CA think we are smarter than the rest of the world it seems? 

Doesn’t the recent success in Gainsville, FLA, Sacramento MUD, San Antonio CPS, and the wonderful Ontario program(admittingly with an excessively high FIT rate) correctly show proper success in our backyard for a properly designed normal FIT program?

Surely there are people in CA that could determine a fair and equitable FIT rate with a proper structure to make us a leader in the future and not let this effort go to enlightened states in the upper midwest seeing the success of Ontario on their back door?

I think we are NOT smarter on this matter that the rest of the world.  My opinion!

All concerned for making America and CA a leader in solar deployment need to work with organizations such as the FIT coalition to stop this wrong headed direction.  Sue Kateley of CALSEIA is also a tireless advocate of the correct propostions, support her efforts also.



  1. We still have a long way to go to catch up with the deployment rate, and deployment efficiency of places like Germany that have refined the FiT into an engine for massive scale deployment.

    John’s tireless work in the nitty-gritty of the regulation(s), obfuscation(s) and plain lack of information that developers must contend with, is enhancing the ability of savvy local and overseas investors to build and profit in this landscape.

  2. See for a detailed update on FITs in Germany and Hawaii.

  3. The recent FERC decree on the CPUC request concernng setting FIT rates in CA has been a topic for much discussion in the past week. We may be going backward in hopes for a reasonable FIT program in CA in the near term.

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