Posted by: jbarnesca | June 5, 2010

PG&E IPP Program Implementation Details

On May 24th PG&E submitted the required Advice Letter 3674-E with their description of the details of the implementation of the IPP(independent power producer) portion of their 250MW solar PV program.

This advice letter was published to explain:

  • Standard contracts for PV facilities less than 3MW in size and for PV facilities between 3-20MW;
  • The competitive solicitation process and protocols, eligibility, and timeline for PPA solicitations;
  • The criteria for evaluating conforming bids;
  • The process for identifying preferred locations for project development to optimize the locational value of project sites, including impacts on neighboring lands;
  • Generation system interconnection application process and protocols; and
  • A confidentiality protocol to ensure that information given by developers to PG&E through the interconnection or bidding process is not shared with PG&E’s staff working on the UOG portion of the PV program.

Some of the aspects of this program to note are that this program now applies to solar PV projects from 1 to 20MW in size, but the standard form PPA for projects from 1-3MW will differ from that for projects from 3-20MW.

Of course the most important aspect is the “reverse auction” bidding process for the PPA agreement with PG&E.

Each year for the 5 year period there will be an allotment of 50MW as part of that year’s bidding process.   Since the maximum size of project is 20MW, then theoretically the winners could be 3 bids of two 20MW projects and one 10MW project.

Timing From RFO Offer

From the time that the RFO offer is published by PG&E the IPP providers will have 4 weeks to complete their bids and the selection of the winners will be 7 weeks from the issuance of the RFO.

One of the key aspects is to be well along in the interconnection approval process so that you project is not rejected at the selection process stage.  You must indicate where you are in this SGIP interconnection approval process at the time of the RFO bid and pass all aspects very quickly after approval of the bid.  More on this subject later.



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