Posted by: jbarnesca | August 4, 2010

SCE 2010 RSC Solicitation, More Details

The SCE 2010 RSC(Renewable Standard Contracts) solicitation documents are now online for study.  As stated before the change is more specific language to allow a bidding process to proceed where some bids could be above the MPR table limits.  Below is the disclaimer to stop and cap the above MPR table winning bids.

“1.01        Above MPR Cost Limit.

Seller acknowledges that pursuant to Public Utilities Code Section 399.15(d), the CPUC has established a limitation for SCE on the total costs expended above the applicable Market Price Referent for the procurement of eligible renewable energy resources to achieve the annual procurement targets established under the RPS Legislation (the “Above MPR Cost Limit”).  If SCE’s Above MPR Cost Limit is exhausted, SCE may limit its procurement to the quantity of eligible renewable energy resources that can be procured at or below the applicable Market Price Referent.  Alternatively, SCE may, but is not required to, voluntarily procure eligible renewable energy resources at prices above the applicable Market Price Referent. “

 This pot of gold for special projects has been used up for previous year’s programs, so this is just being specific about this matter, it seems.

In summary may the leaders win bids at slightly higher rates this year in this competitive bidding process, that shall be won with the largest projects with the obviously lower cost estimates from proven developers and investor groups.


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