Posted by: jbarnesca | August 12, 2010

SCE Rooftop SPVP IPP Winning Bids

The announcement of the winning 36 contracts for the first of the Utility “reverse auction” IPP programs produced some insight into what will happen for the other programs.  In addition, it produced the unexpected(at least by me) wins from the Solyndra backed company called Photon Solar LLC.  Fifteen projects were awarded to Photon Solar LLC and this should help the credibility of Solyndra and provide some sales for their modules from the new factory in Milpitas.   In addition nine awards were given to SunEdison Utility Solutions LLC .

The map of where these winning bids will be located is below:

Since this is the first of the many upcoming programs that are bids, not tied to the MPR table, results of this first program and the new PG&E program and the SCE RSC program will set the stage for the financial success of programs in the 1-20MWp range for the next year or so.

Let’s hope that the IRR for the investor groups are sufficient to encourage massive bids for the other programs coming after this one.  Since a FIT program of real substance is not in the cards for the short term, these are the rules that developers/investors must live with in CA for now.



  1. Hi John,

    Thanks again for your continued insight into a somewhat murky subject area. Your valuable input helps clarify the evolution of this new marketplace.


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