Posted by: jbarnesca | August 18, 2010

Fast Tracked CSP Projects by BLM and Government

There is alot of recent activity and announcements about previously stalled large CST projects making significant progress recently.  In CA the governor’s office has effectively been working with the CEC and BLM and other agencies to get the approvals finished and to allow these projects to proceed.  I also want to applaud the CPUC energy division staff and the leader Paul Douglas for working hard to get these approved.

There was a recent list of these projects  and a nice article in GTM which is shown below:

These are some serious sized projects(5.16GW total), as you can see that will generate great amounts of solar energy when completed after many years of being delayed from the last large CST farm in our desert area of CA.

I am also impressed by the Stirling Energy System projects of Tessera Solar along with the proven parabolic trough designs and the new in vogue power tower designs.

In summary the old thought that these would happen sometime in the next 5 years or so is now getting closer.  In addition there are actually large transmission line projects happening to accommodate this new power.


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