Posted by: jbarnesca | September 4, 2010

Solar PV Farms in the US -Sept 2010 Reality

I was just looking at the SEPA published listing of completed and operational solar PV farms in the US, and it was good to once again compare reality vs. the large activity underway and planned.  Below is my recasting of the top 11 operational solar PV sites in the US by size.  I list all completed solar PV farms at the 5MWp size or larger.

SunPower SunPower s 25 Florida Power & Light DeSoto Co., FLA 2009
First Solar First Solar   21 NRG Energy Blythe, CA 2009
MMA SunPower/+   14 Renewable Ventures Nellis AFB, NV 2007
Juwi First Solar   12 Wyandot Solar(Juwi) Wyandot, OH 2010
SunPower SunPower s 10 Florida Power & Light Kennedy Space Center 2009
First Solar First Solar   10 Sempra Generation Boulder City, NV 2008
SunPower SunPower s 10 Exelon Generation Chicago, IL 2010
SunEdison Suntech 8.2 SunEdison-Xcel Energy Alamoso, CO 2007
First Solar First Solar   8 of 48 Sempra Generation Boulder City, NV 2010
SunPower SunPower s 6 Aerojet Corp Sacramento, CA 2010
Meridian  Sharp   5 Meridian Energy Mendota, CA  2010

Now let me state up front that there are several very competent developer and investment groups that are making fast progress toward completing huge(>100MWp) solar PV farms, and that this is going to happen along with new transmission lines to support these farms.  This explosion will be great, but back to September 2010 reality.

So once again we see how far the US is behind Europe in that a 5MWp solar farm near me in Mendota, CA could make the top 11 listing.

The real point is that we are still at the early stage of the “hockey stick” growth for both distributed solar PV generation, and for massive central location solar PV farms in the US.  Also the continuing evolution of programs from the CPUC and in other states will make this explosion continue in the next few years.


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