Posted by: jbarnesca | November 4, 2010

Welcome To Cluster Process, Like It Or Not <20MW Farms

The extremely fast move of SCE toward changing their WDAT interconnection process for solar farms in the 3-20MWac range has been amazing. This SCE WDAT change that logically followed(I had mentioned this earlier in a post about the CAISO change)  from the CAISO transmission connection procedure changes is happening fast.  Remember that the CAISO ruling eliminates the separate SGIP/LGIP rules and places even the small farms into a cluster process with their big solar farm brothers.

The present schedule they publish is below: (see link for this and other SCE notes on this change)


Key Next Milestone

On Nov 22 “Target First Draft of Target Language to Stakeholders”

In their first phone conference they stated that all interconnection applications, even presently in the queue, that were not at the system impact study stage would automatically be put in the “transition group”.  In essence you get put into the new cluster process and are going to be placed in the next March cluster evaluation grouping.  As usual there are subtle items such as an Independent Study Process and the change to a possibly viable “fast track process” for solar PV farms of up to 5MW(used to be <2MW with a final criterion that no one could usually pass) that are a focus for some of us.

The next phone conference call in to listen to a repeat of the LA area meeting,  is this next Monday morning.  I will make sure to compare that phone meeting with the previous contentious LA one.

BTW:   The great organization working for the good of us all,, has an interconnection committee that is chartered with explaining these confusing interconnection rule changes and helping all understand them.  I urge you to participate there with this group of people from both the solar farm developer and utility company communities. 


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