Posted by: jbarnesca | November 18, 2010

PG&E Races To Revise WDAT Rules

Yesterday PG&E sent out an announcement of their first stakeholder meeting to discuss their revision of the WDAT(wholesale distribution attachment tariff).  This will be on December 13th in San Ramon, CA.

To review for new readers, these changes will eliminate most aspects of the WDAT rules, especially the SGIP(small generator interconnection procedures) that have described how a small solar PV plant (<20MW) would be connected and the procedures for cost allocation for that interconnection.  The old steps of initial feasibility study, scoping meeting, system impact study etc., will be gone with a new cluster process as the main feature.

PG&E and SCE are trying to be in lock step with approvals to FERC of similar proposals that will force new interconnection applicationa to be put into cluster #4 in March 2011.

Wow!  The utilities are moving fast and many developers should watch and participate in making sure this new interconnection WDAT is revised for the benefit of FAST implementations of 3-5MW and 20MW solar PV in CA in 2011-2012.


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