Posted by: jbarnesca | December 11, 2010

SCE Publishes New WDAT-SGIP/LGIP Interconnection Procedures

SCE has now published their draft of the very important changes to their interconnection procedures for both small and large solar PV farms on their distribution grid.  As previously noted this is a collapse of their prior SGIP(small generator interconnection procedures) for farms in the sub 20MW range and the larger LGIP process.  They are trying to label this new procedure as a GIA(Generator Interconnection Agreement).


  • The default interconnection process now becomes a once a year(next ~June 2011) cluster application and evaluation process, in a similar manner to the CAISO changes for transmission connection.
  • The first Phase will take six months, then lots of money to continue for another six months or so before a resoultion of your cluster costs and fees.
  • The old serial process will not exist going forward, with new applications.
  • Old SGIP applications will be put into a transition cluster group, unless you are “very close” to an agreement after completing the facilities study costing phase.
  • The fees through out  this process get pretty large for a small developer.

Unless significant formal legal objections are raised to FERC and the CPUC  in the next two months this is probably going to be approved as presented, AND PG&E and SDG&E will probably get a very similar procedure approved.

Because SCE is the US leader in solar PV, rules and procedures that they propose to FERC are very likely to be copied throughout the US by other Utilities as large solar PV farm implementation moves across the country.


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