Posted by: jbarnesca | January 7, 2011

PG&E 2011 PV Program PPA Schedule

All of the CPUC approvals of the PG&E Advice Letter, protests, etc. for their first implementation of a specific solar PV program RFO  are now expected to be completed very soon; therefore PG&E is publishing the timelines for this RFO bidding process.

This is of course the 250MW IPP allocation of their program, analogous to the earlier implemented SCE SPVP program and an upcoming SDGE program.  It is implemented over 5 years with each year’s solicitation amount then 50MW.

They state again the basic criterion for participation as:

“To participate in the 2011 PV Program PPA RFO, Offers must meet the following eligibility criteria: 

    • The generating facility must be a new photovoltaic electric generating facility and located within PG&E’s service territory
    • The nameplate capacity of the generating facility must be no less than 1 MW and no greater than 20 MW.  Aggregation of facilities to meet the minimum 1 MW size requirement is allowed only if each individual facility is no less than 500 kW and the project comprised of the aggregated facilities interconnects within a single CAISO PNode. 
    • The contract price must be no greater than $246/MWh (prior to adjustment for time of delivery).
    • The Participant and/or a member of Participant’s project development team must have either completed or begun construction of a solar project that is at least 500 kW.
    • Participant must have site control and attest to site control as part of their Offer package.

Projects with executed PPAs must be online within 18 months following CPUC approval. “

The RFO is expected to be issued February 2, 2011 for this program and a bidders conference will be held on February 2.  Proof of  a “deemed complete” interconnection applicaton is due on March 22 by all bidders. Other key dates are a notification of selected offers by April 15 and expected executed PPAs are to be issued by June 17th.

Some Comments

First of all yeh that this program is now scheduled after much delay. 

Now the tough parts: 

  1. This 50MW allocation is very low given that bids can be submitted in 20MW increments.  Do the math and figure out how many winning bids could happen.
  2. Secondly, although PG&E can build their 250MW with a calculated LCOE of up to $246/MWh with TOD adjustment, these IPP bidders get to participate in a “reverse auction” process.  Since the leaders know what is being bid for such programs, this will be at a very low price for some of the new bidders.
  3. We of course see the project viability calculator idea occurring in the criterion for prior solar PV development expertise.  So this can eliminate new developers as is desired by the Utilites.

So great that this program is now scheduled and it will produce the desired 50MW solar PV into PG&E’s system for a very low price close to the MPR table.  The program will deliver what some wanted.


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