Posted by: jbarnesca | April 1, 2011

Cluster #4 GIP Application In, Now Race to Scoping Meeting

The response of new interconnection applications in either the transmission level CAISO or distribution level SCE/PG&E/SDG&E GIP(generator interconnection procedure) process for the cluster #4 window is truly staggering in California.  With simple additions of known applications we are well in the low multiple GWs.  Also remember that those prior serial application projects that had not completed the system impact study agreements are also thrown into a transistion cluster that basically follows the new cluster #4 sequencing and rules.

The Phase 1 studies start on June 1st, according to desired timing, but the next step is the important scoping meetings for all projects before this deadline.

The Scoping Meeting is designed to provide the Interconnection Customer and Utility/CAISO with the following :

  • Ensure common understanding of Interconnection Customer’s project
  • Ensure understanding of  Generator Interconnection Procedure
  • Come to agreement on Point of Interconnection and generator size
    • PG&E for instance will provide technical system details, limitations, and queued ahead project information
  • They will advise the interconnection customer regarding if they could qualify for an Independent Study process or must stay in the cluster process.  This is only for smaller projects
  • Discuss the next steps for the Interconnection Customer

3 business days after the scoping meeting for CAISO and 5 business days for PG&E(for instance) after the Scoping Meeting the Developer must:

  • Provide confirmation on the Point of Interconnection
  • Provide confirmation on the solar farm size

This very important meeting, along with your response and knowledge at this meeting, then sets you off on the phase 1 study process for 134 calendar days into November 2011, when many other surprises await you.

So this is a very important next few months until June to navigate this detailed path correctly with $millions on the line that are totally at risk with no assurance of any acceptable connection charges or any PPA at an acceptable rate at the end.

We are now in a new massive cluster transition with the results to be determined.



  1. How can Developers best be prepared for the CAISO scoping meeting? Is there a scoping meeting checklist I should be aware of? We get only one shot at this and don’t want to go in shooting blanks.


  2. Where on the Internet can I find a list of projects that have requested-applied to be in Cluster #3 and #4 ?


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