Posted by: jbarnesca | April 8, 2011

SCE Preparing Schedule for Next SPVP Program RFO

I just got the notice that SCE is expecting their SPVP IPP RFO advice letter to be approved soon that will set in motion the SCE  program for this year.  Remember this is a very targeted smaller rooftop focus for them than the first PG&E IPP program that was set in motion last month.  The timing from this advice letter approval can be found in the program site at SCE.

Here was some information in the announcement that first caught my eye:

  1. The allocation for the ground mounted portion was to be 2.6 MW DC, but your rooftop projects could be up to 10 MW DC.  Holy cow that would be a large rooftop of >50 something acres!!!
  2. “In order to be eligible to submit an offer, a project must have received a complete System Impact Study or Phase 1 interconnection study, or passed the WDAT fast track screens.  SCE will accept offers after the CAISO CLuster 4 Phase 1 interconnection studies have been completed, or four months after the launch of the RFO, whichever comes later”.

So this program, which went realatively smoothly last spring, will be delayed into the Novembrer 2011 time frame because of the “GIP cluster IA application” once a year timing process just submitted by them to FERC in March.  Both SCE and PG&E expect FERC approval very soon for their submittals and then the edicts will be sent around.

These time delays in deployment of distributed generation solar PV projects in California due to changes in policy are sure getting old.  It worked last year why change it to work worse this year?  Let those <2MW fast tracked roof top programs go into a bidding process before the summer like last year.



  1. John, perhaps they are trying to make so difficult, that they won’t procure much if any solar power at this time.

  2. Has the Request to change the SCE FPO solar of 2011 to 20% rather than 10% been approved? I have two large tracks already interconnected available for placement.

  3. I believe that legal protest letters and filing are still underway for the 2011 RFO of SCE at the moment. Just saw one a week ago from a related group. I will try to check the proceeding documents later this week as to the timing of the the expected ruling.

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