Posted by: jbarnesca | May 4, 2011

March 31st CAISO Cluster #4 Queue Results

The results from the massive March 31st CAISO Interconnection Cluster #4 application deadline flurry are now starting to appear.  There is now an April 29th posting showing many of the 3/31 rush applications.  Remember for this year this is the only CAISO full cluster window; however, next year we will go back to two a year.  These are expected to be in March and October of each year and in line with the twice a year WDAT GIP cluster application windows on the distribution line systems for SCE/PG&E/SDG&E.

To my count there were 194 applications that rushed to make that deadline, and there are actually a few over 1GW solar PV applications in the mix.  Lots of large >100MW applications sprinkle the new listing.

I counted 33 solar PV projects of >200MW in size.  How about that for serious solar PV development applications.  The interconnection application deposits after the phase 1 studies in October will be staggering for these projects.

Check it out, as it is amazing to be sure.


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