Posted by: jbarnesca | May 30, 2011

RAM Auctions Moving To One Cycle Each Year

I have taken the Memorial Day long vacation as an opportunity to read in more depth some of the filings for modifications to the RAM program ruling, and responses to the upcoming SB 32 rulings.

In particular the “Responses to Petition For Modifications Of Decision 10-12-048” which is the RAM ruling, offer some key changes that might occur.  The Edison response is a good example.

It seems to me that one concrete change will be that there will be only one RAM auction in 2011 and one in 2012, instead of two each year in the prior documents and ruling.  This one cycle will coincide with the Cluster Interconnection Application Phase 1 review results in the late fall Oct time period to allow consideration of the Phase 1 results in the evaluation of the bids.

So it will be a busy next few months to get all of the applications, approvals, financials, financing, and other items completed to make an effective and winning bid in the RAM auctions for the late fall of 2011 in CA.



  1. Our group of solar developers is trying to develop a solar farm just out side Chico CA, but the interconnection and other applications process has been baffling in part as no one is saying anything or returning calls. Who can you recommend we contact for concrete information.

    • Hello Ryan,
      My company Solar Land Parners, Inc. ( provides consulting advice on such matters and handles appropriate applications and approvals for early stage solar farm developers.

      So contact our VP ob business development Sy Richardson at or 866-689-5335 to see if there is a match of your need and our services/skills.

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