Posted by: jbarnesca | November 13, 2011

RAM Offers Closing Nov 15

The deadline for submission of the RAM offers for all three CA Utilities is fast approaching on Nov. 15th.  After that step the utilities will notify the participants on February  15 which of them are in the “Waitlisted” status, and on March 12 they will execute the RAM PPAs.  This is the PG&E schedule, so it might be slightly different for SCE and SDG&E, but not much.

Just for an example one needs to understand that the procurement targets are determined by each Utility to be in three target “buckets” as to their type of renewable resource.

For PG&E their overall target is 420.9 MW to be procured in 4 RFOs every six months for the two year period of this program.  The first RFO total 105.2 MW target is as follows:

  • Baseload (example: Biomass, Geothermal)     35 MW
  • As-Available non-peaking (example: Wind)    35 MW
  • As-Available peaking (example: Solar)            35 MW

At the end of next week it will be most valuable to learn which developers decided to participate in this first round with their Cluster #3 or serial interconnection process 20MW projects.  Remember that because the Phase 1 studies are delayed into January, none of the March 2011 GIP projects are eligible for this first auction.  This means that many more projects will first be able to bid into the next RAM auction in the Spring of 2012.


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