Posted by: jbarnesca | January 5, 2012

CAISO Cluster #4 Phase 1 Study Results Produce Massive Deposits

During the past day or so the Utilities/CAISO have been sending out the phase 1 cluster #4 interconnection study reports to developers.  As you may remember this new cluster process (GIP) produced a record number of new applications last March for both the CAISO controlled transmission network as well as the distribution networks of SCE/PG&E/SDG&E. According to CAISO published documentation the Cluster #4 applications were greater than 35GW of new capacity.

So now the panic sets in because these studies for ~20MW or greater projects are showing massive interconnection deposits needed within a 90 day deadline.  This is because so many projects may be connected onto the same transmission lines/distribution lines and therefore cause large network upgrade costs.  Welcome to the need for millions of dollars of secured deposits due within a 90 day window, before you have to withdraw from the application.

So now the best in class solar developer/investor groups are the only solution for many in this situation.

Our company can help. “SLP” seeks CAISO or GIP Cluster #4 solar energy projects in order to provide investment and/or co-development services.  SLP is highly qualified and can move quickly on viable projects whose deposits are due in early April 2012.

If interested please contact “John Barnes”  President and CEO at


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