Posted by: jbarnesca | June 4, 2012

SB 32 FInal Ruling for Changes to AB 1969 after 3+ years of CPUC work

During the last few days the final CPUC commissioner’s decision of SB 32 and the changes to section 399.2 were published.

The SB 32 changes for the previous FIT legislation of AB 1969(which created the CREST program in SCE territory for instance) was touted since it’s passage in September 2009 as being a program to spur development of distributed solar in the 1-3MWac range. Going forward all projects of less than 3MW are not eligible for future RAM auction RFOs.  As of this ruling the SCE CREST program is to be terminated as well as the past PG&E AB 1969 programs.


There were several “surprises” in this final version once again to the benefit of the desires of the Utilities.

For instance:

  • divide up the capacity by 24 for implementation over two years
  • allow the utilities to suspend the program if they thought there was gaming
  • program seller concentration limit of 10MW total
  • if the transmission charge is >$300,000 the project does not quality

I could go on an on but not for the moment, so read and try to understand how this promise of a great program could be so compromised.



  1. I actually thought the final decision was slightly better than the proposed decision, but regardless the ultimate outcome is nothing short of an embarrassment in many ways – especially in the sense that the capacity is barely increased over the AB1969/CREST mandate (and in SCE’s case actually reduced) despite the clear intent of the legislature to increase the program by 50% in terms of size (from ~500MW to 750MW).

    The fact that it took the CPUC nearly three years after the law was signed to come up with this, is just icing on the cake. Sheesh.

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