Posted by: jbarnesca | July 4, 2012

Annual RPS RFO Next For CA Bidding

With the completion of the second RAM bids(May 2012 and two more to go), it is now time to concentrate on the next program for significant PPA awards, the 2012 RPS RFO bids.  Much work is needed to determine how to bid your portfolio of projects in various ways, and of couse what year and what PPA price to bid.  Surely not for novices and those that are new should seek consultation from experienced groups to “not be fooled again” as the WHO song says.

Presently it is expected that this program will open for bids in the very late part of the year, and that produces the next quandary for programs of Cluster #4 with a phase 2 security deposit due at approximately the same time.  Since these deposits will be due in the November time frame, likely before even the bidding for the annual RPS RFO opens, there will be a another large bet to be made by the developer community.

The Utilities are starting to produce the documents for the CPUC to set themselves up for why they desire or don’t desire to accept projects.  One interesting set of documents to me was the set of documents concerning “Transmission Ranking Cost Reports” filed last week.  The link to the SCE and PG&E filings is shown for your night time reading.  I found the SCE report about the Lancaster Antelope Valley and WindHub area to be most enlightening on what they think of new capacity availablity there.

These reports once again seem to be setting the CPUC up for the Utilities to state that there are way to many projects already underway and that the cost of transmission upgrades is much more than planned for in 2009.  I.E. they need the ability to charge the rate payers much more if they are forced to accept more renewables.

The other filings for the RPS RFO will be flowing in the next few months, so I will try to report further on this as the summer progresses.


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