Posted by: jbarnesca | August 8, 2012

SB 32 Capacity in SCE Territory

The recent meeting of the Clean Coalition Solar Developers Council had representatives of commissioners Peevey and Florio, two representatives of the governor’s office, some legislative representatives, as well as most of the leading developers of CREST PPA approved projects in SCE territory.  So this was another good update and confirmation of ideas meeting.

Here are opinions:

  • The SB 32 program may be finalized in the November time frame.  The latest round of “unified PPA” proposals were submitted by the utilities and this is the last seemingly item to finish.
  • In a recent ruling SCE was told to allow further CREST applications to be approved until this ruling is finalized.
  • As of yesterday the approval CREST PPA list was now at 144 MW and has risen from the ~70MW with the 2009 MRP table to this level with the new 2011 MPR table
  • It is expected that this rush will continue, such that the capacity available in SCE territory for  SB 32 will be about 0 MW.  The total capacity for the old CREST program was 247 MW and the total available for the new combined program in SCE territory is 226 MW.  Also remember that SB 32 forces an allocation of capacity into three equal categories and allocates that every two months over a two year period.

The solar developer and solar advocacy groups in California should be amazed that after over 3 years of work this effort will produce 0 MW in SCE territory for the NEXT two years after implementation.  Pretty stunning  stuff.



  1. This sounds very interesting. It is similar to other programs that I have seen out there. I hope that this becomes more popular in the future. Solar Investments are a key element to creating a green electricity grid.

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