Posted by: jbarnesca | October 15, 2012

SCE Nov. RAM Winners

On Oct. 1st the SCE advice letter was submitted that stated the results of the second RAM auction from last November.  In that document they state;

“On August 14, 2012, SCE selected ten projects representing a total of 177.5 MW for

contract execution. Of the ten projects selected, five projects elected not to sign a

contract with SCE. As a result, effective August 30, 2012, SCE signed the remaining

five contracts for a total of 87 MW from RAM 2.”

Wining groups include the new Samsung/Lincoln Renewables joint venture, Recurrent Energy, and SunEdison.  These are all very first tier developers with very competitive capabilities and skills.   You can also see in the document all the bidding groups into this solicitation, which had 1.7GW of projects passing the screens to be considered.

Also note that 5 projects elected not to accept their winning bids and proceed. Obviously this is because of the extremely low winning bid that they proposed.  There are several groups trying this approach to try to find the low point of the winning bids for future bids and also to evaluate each RAM cycle whether they can tolerate the IRR and decide to proceed.


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