Posted by: jbarnesca | November 15, 2012

November CA RAM Solicitations Out Now

In the past hour the formal Advice letters for PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E for their RAM offerings in November were sent out.

The solar desired amounts for the three IOUs are:

  • SCE 200MW
  • PG&E 105MW
  • SDG&E 40MW

So the long awaited announcement of these programs is now sent out.  It should also be noted that the CAISO Cluster #4 phase 2 studies and cost estimates also went out about the 6th of the month.  So many of the Cluster #4 projects have another bench mark of the costs and expected times for their projects to consider in this bid.  These bids have a stated requirement of COD within 24 months of the formal approval of the projects by the CPUC.

There were some significant changes in the programs for this third offering that I will talk about in a later post, especially deliverability with different TOU schedules and the exclusion of all projects at the 3MW or lower size level for the first time.  The Utilities fought for changes in the RAM PPA agreements and program for several months before the recent approval of their requests and desires.



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