Posted by: jbarnesca | December 10, 2012

PG&E Files to Terminate Solar “PV” Program

A few hours ago PG&E filed with the CPUC two advice letters.  One requested to terminate the prior Solar Photovoltaic  program for both their 250MW UOG portion(after offering 3) and 250MW IPP portion(after offering 2). The second advice letter requested that the remaining amount for both programs of 252MW be transferred into subsequent RAM auctions.  If the majority of the winners of the additional amount are the expected 20MW projects already bid before in RAM or IPP programs, or in the later stages of the GIP interconnection queues, this would be about 12-15 new project winners.

This follows the path earlier of SCE to terminate their equivalent total 500MW program, as well as the earlier specific RSC (Renewable Standard Contract) solar program before the newer UOG/IPP  program.

So once again the big three have put in motion only programs most suitable for 20MW or larger projects, in an auction process that is massively oversubscribed for the remainder of the RAM program life.



  1. What does this mean for the new PG&E FiT that was expected to be implemented in Q1 next year?

    • Mr. Carr,

      The upcoming new Re-Mat program is a totally different structured program for projects up to 3MW in size. It is the extension of the prior AB 1969 FIT programs that were called CREST in SCE territory and E-SRG in PG&E terrritory for the non waste water portion of their programs. This does however remove the option for bidding those size programs into the prior PG&E IPP “PV” yearly bids.

  2. thanks for good information.
    do we have any updates on Re-Mat program?
    How can I apply for this?

    • Mr. Singh,
      All legal CPUC requests to modify the proposed tariffs for PG&E/SCE/SDG&E have now been denied, so the program is expected to be enacted according to the utility CPUC filings now in place.

      Speculation is that the program will be operational in the June 2013 or later summer time frame.

      There are lots of subtle issues to be successful in this program, so I will not publically make comments on that program until after it’s operation.

      • Thanks John,

        Does this mean original Feed In Tariff is still in place? If so how can I apply for this. I am in PG&E territory.

      • The AB 1969 Feed In Tariff program for PG&E in solar(for IPP producers and not waste water plants) was called the E-SRG program. It was completely subscribed at the end of 2011. No capacity is available for that program.

  3. what about E-PWF program. PG&E website says it has 100MW unallocated capacity.

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