Posted by: jbarnesca | February 12, 2013

SCE SPVP 2 Winners From July Seem Sparce

On Feb 11th SCE finally showed the winners from the July 20th SPVP #2 offering.  In that document the CPUC allowed them to redact all information about other bidders and to only show the minimal information about the winning bids.

The winners seemed to add up to 5MW total:

  1. Constellation NewEnergy     rooftop        1MW       in Ontario
  2. Constellation NewEnergy     rooftop        1.5MA    in Ontario
  3. SunEdison                   rooftop        0.99MW  in Corona
  4. SunEdison                    rooftop        1.5MW     in Herperia


This small amount seems to be even less now that the projects reported in the Advice Letter by SCE in the fall.  Three projects seem to be missing now, after the complaints as to why this wining offering was so small compared to their own UOG portion schedule. Remember that they were able to back out of their Utility owned portion of this program and fold that into future RAM auctions.




  1. John excellent web site. I am looking for the contract price/details for RSCs granted by SCE during 2008-2009 and the 2010 RAM. I thought that the contracts once approved by the PUC were then filed and the terms would be on the public record. Is that correct? Interested in mainly the winners on the solar 20 MW RSC.

    • Richard,
      Sort of true. The winning prices are secret until I believe 3 years after the winning PPAs. So things are starting to appear for the 2009 projects. However in the annual RPS filings of the Utilities they are showing terminated project prices in some detail. I will look briefly to see if I find the RSC 2009-2010 winning prices, and reply if I can in a few days

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