Posted by: jbarnesca | March 25, 2013

2013 SCE SPVP Program Forum April 5th

SCE will hold their 2013 kick off Program Forum for the annual SPVP program at Rosemead, CA or on Web Ex on April 5th. This is the IPP portion of the program that is geared for rooftop solar PV projects, but has allowed some ground mounted winners in the past. This was the topic of an earlier blog about how little of the required allocation they awarded in the most recent offering round.

My belief is that even after 125 MWp was shifted to the RAM program by an advice letter to the CPUC (Jan 2012), there remains a balance of approximately 95 MWp for further offerings. This program because it is solar only talks peak watts and not ac watts in the proceedings.

There have been questions on this site about the next round of offering, and now we have a date for this discussion by SCE of what they desire to happen this year.

As of today(3-25) the SCE SPVP web site page does not show you how toregister for this event or that it exists; however, through other means I was able to register and confirm attendance. If the site becomes more transparent before the event, I will update this post to show the link for registration. Such hidden stuff is surely infuriating.



  1. Do you know anything about additional ground capacity for SPVP round 3? I’ve heard reports that some of the projects failed to execute a PPA due to longer than 18 months interconnection process.

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