Posted by: jbarnesca | May 1, 2013

SCE’s RAM 3 RFO Winners

The just posted SCE RAM #3 RFO winners show most of the same group of companies winning this round.  There were  13 total winning bids of all types.

There were 130 offers in this RAM offering round and the total amount proposed by the developer community was 1.929GW wow!

The top three groups making submittals were Silverado with 24, Recurrent Energy with 15, and SolarReserve with 12 submittals.

SCE RAM 3 Winners

I note the winning bid of CleanPath, the Matt Cheney company, as well as the continuing wins of Silverado with his brother John Cheney.  Silverado has become very skilled at winning PPA bids and creating a hugh portfolio of projects with PPA wins.

One further note for those to consider, is where are the viable 20MW projects located in CA and where are any viable projects located because of insolation and other permitting factors?

This chart shows where the bids came from.

Where 20MW Projects in CA Exist

Those of us from California recognize this, but for those outside of CA here is my consistent take.  All viable projects are basically South of Fresno along the West side of the valley where water is scarce and the mountain range exists.  Then the region south of Bakersfield south east toward Lancaster and then some selected areas in the Imperial valley.



  1. Thanks for this! Where did you find the SCE RAM 3 Advice Filing? Impossible to find online!!

    • Debbie,
      The purpose of many is to make sure that everyone except the “club” can’t find such stuff.

      Go to this site:

      Then you have to search for the advice letter in question.

      ADVICE 2894-E

      Those in the “club” are on all notices of certain proceedings. But that is another story.

      • Thank you! I spent about ten minutes after I posted my comment and was finally able to locate it. Thanks for your sleuthing.

  2. Hi John,
    Thanks for your great posts. I’ve noticed that SDG&E hasn’t submitted an Advice Letter for their RAM 3 RFO winners, neither on the RPS proceeding service list or their website. Have you heard anything about this?

    • Mark,

      Haven’t been concerned about their little allocations.

      Very interested in more lobbying groups trying to keep the present RAM program going into outer years, while keeping the total capacity the same.

      Thus an awful development for all in solar development.

  3. FYI – It looks like Clean Path’s project and one of Silverado’s have been dropped for failure to put up the development security.

    See the following link

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