Posted by: jbarnesca | June 11, 2013

Status Of CAISO Queue for C4 & C5

It is worthy to take a new look at what has happened to the massive CAISO interconnection application queues of cluster #4 (C4) from March 2011 and cluster #5 from March 2012 now that sufficient time has passed.

The June 7th listing from CAISO, after the phase 2 study payments had cleared for C4, show how these large fees before any PPA is in sight are starting to make so much of the interconnection queue disappear.

For C4 we have these results:

  • number of projects 39
  • total queue of 2.576MW remaining down from about 4 before this round of fees
  • five projects over 100MW: 330MW, 300MW, 240MW, 221MW, 200MW, 150MW

For C5 we have these results:

  • number of projects 9
  • total queue of 660MW

I rechecked my post from Nov 2011 regarding the CAISO cluster #5 queue and it stated that 3.8GW was still in the queue at that time.  Many believe that cluster #5 was to late to win any RFO bids until the 2016+ time frame and therefore only cluster #4 projects were really viable in the near term.

These C4 projects are now at the stage to actively compete in the RFO and RAM bidding events happening this June(for 20MW) or in the next RFO round, when that might happen.



  1. Great blog, John. Isn’t it possible that some C5 projects received their Phase I study in time to bid into the end-of-2012 RFO?

    • That would be possible, but I would suspect that the sort will also involve the “deliverability” status, which would not be available for those projects in the last Nov. time frame.

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