Posted by: jbarnesca | July 25, 2013

Re-MAT in SCE Territory

Many CPUC events have happened in the past two months to make this topic interesting to the developer community now.  First, many months of filings and comments regarding the SCE CREST program and the “overage” to their AB 1969 program allocation were finally settled in RESOLUTION E-4593 filed on July 1st.  This approved some 80 CREST PPA agreements as basically a voluntary expansion of their FIT program.  So these would not be counted as a subtraction of their allocation in the upcoming Re-Mat program.

Suddenly then the Re-Mat program in SCE territory has then gone from 0 to something that might approach ~ 100MW/3 (for each type of renewable) = ~33MW for solar PV.  This has saved an embarrassment by the CPUC and SCE that the program would have been enabled 4 years after legislative enactment with a capacity of 0 in the largest IOU territory (SCE).

So now there are efforts to reevaluate old projects in SCE territory that had failed to get a CREST PPA before that program closed and others that were targeted for the Re-Mat from the start.   There are many subtleties in the details of the Re-MAT tariff that must be considered with great attention to be successful in the next year.

Another twist and turn in CA renewables and programs.

We anxiously await the results of the RAM #4 winning round and the panic from losing again that will surely happen with a final RAM #5 not available until next year.  Project sales and transactions  of these 20MW projects into the possession of those that can handle paying deposits to keep them alive for another year or two should start happening this summer.


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