Posted by: jbarnesca | September 5, 2013

Events to Follow

Here are some of the events that we will follow closely in the next couple of months in the CA Utility Scale area:

  1. The announcement of the winners in the RAM #4 round that could happen as soon as Sept. 6th.  Since there will be no RAM #5 until next year, and it is the last scheduled one, these results are crucial for some developments.
  2. The opening of the Re-MAT PPA programs for the utilities on Oct. 1st.. This program is a big disappointment and to me did not match the legal legislation or the intent of all the discussions in Sacramento when it passed.  That is the opinion of many lobbing groups that fought for a better bill in that time frame.
  3. The restart of the SCE SPVP IPP program with bidding in December.  It was great that SCE was not allowed to cancel the IPP portion of this program and will have three more yearly RFOs.

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