Posted by: jbarnesca | October 9, 2013

Re-MAT Game Over

At the end of Monday(Oct. 7th) the close occurred for the Re-MAT PPA offerings from SCE/PG&E/SDG&E according to the uniform program rules.  The projects submitted in this 7 day window are eligible for a drawing of queue position; whereas all projects submitted starting Tues Oct. 8th are placed in queue position according to the second of submittal subject to becoming deemed complete after analysis.

If a project was not in this first week of submittals I believe the probability of winning any PPA at any price approaches 0% very quickly.  With offering amounts of 5MW max every two months in this program the odds of winning are too low to participate in as determined by most.

This Re-MAT program will go down in CA Solar history as absolutely the worst program with the least resemblance to the SB 32 bill or legislative intent ever.  Of course “ever or forever” is a long time, and the CA Utilities are still devising ways to avoid any new solar. So they might succeed in something worse in the coming years.

Other upcoming well known and sort of hidden programs are now the focus for some.


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