Posted by: jbarnesca | November 22, 2013

SDG&E RAM 4 Winners and Losers

Just now the advice letter from SDG&E was sent out for their winners and losers in RAM 4.  This advice letter is now in the approved category on the site.

For solar two Sun Edison projects were winners.  A 5MW project in San Diego County and a more interesting 10 MW project in tough San Bernardino County called “Vacaville Landfill”.

In the solar category this matched what they desired to acquire for this RAM round.  During this RFO they had a total of 97 bids from 37 companies for solar, wind, and biogas.  Silverado seemed to have submitted 21 offers for this cycle.

I will read and study this more over the next day or two to see if any new tidbits are different from the projects submitted for SCE and PG&E discussed in earlier blog posts.

What is important now is the large amount of strategy and work necessary in preparation for the final RAM 5 in the spring of 2014.  We at Solar Land Partners desire to help those working on this next round to secure a win at a price with a tolerable IRR This will be a tough one!!



  1. John,
    Do you know if the SDG&E RAM 4 advice letter has been posted as of yet?
    I still can’t seem to find it.


    • Yes Kareem,

      Nov 22 Advice Letter 2547-E. Winners in PV were two SunEdison projects of 5 and 10MW each.

      I will try to find the site location in SDG&E’s web site for you tomorrow morning.

  2. Thx! Do you know when these go for approval at the CPUC?

    • Kareen,
      As I stated it now appears in the “approved advice letter” section, so it was approved. The first notice was the advice letter asking for approval.

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