Posted by: jbarnesca | January 4, 2014

Possible RAM 5 Allocations and Future of RAM RFO

This past week on 12/31/2013 ALJ DeAngelis issued  a ruling asking for comments on the possible expansion of the RAM program past the final RAM 5 in June of this year.  Additionally she asked for responses to questions regarding if the program should be changed, or terminated and other pertinent issues.

A nice table in that document can be used to make assumptions of the available capacity for each of the IOUs in the final RAM 5 round, if no further changes are allowed to spread this out.

SCE:    remaining allocation is   754.4(total allocation) – 483. 9MWs(thru RAM 4)  =  270.5 MWs

PG&E: remaining allocation is 420.9(total allocation) – 353.3 MWs(thru RAM 4)  =  67.6 MWs

SDG&E: remaining allocation is 154.7MWs(total allocation) – 117.5 MWs(thru RAM 4) = 37.2 MWs

You will notice that the total allocation is now 1,330MWs, up from the program authorization of 1GW.  That is due to SCE’s allocation being increased by the termination of their portion of the remaining SPVP program and their earlier RSC program being terminated for the RAM.

In the document, asking for comments, you can get some hint of what the CPUC is thinking.  For instance they mention the possible expansion of another 1GW program, but ask why the IOUs should have such a program with their RPS requirements being met into the 2017 time frame etc..

I would urge all utility solar companies in the CA market to actively lobby with regard to what will be ruled by the CPUC in the coming months to counteract the desires and influence of the IOUs in this proceeding.


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