Posted by: jbarnesca | February 14, 2014

IOUs Oppose New RAM Program

The first comments by all parties on whether the RAM program should be extended with a new authorization of capacity were filed on 1/30.  In these comments all three utilities (SCE, PG&E, and SDG&E) came out on the same side.  They claim the goals of the RAM program are already met, that they are meeting their RPS goals into 2017, and that the program should NOT be extended.

As usual SCE was the most opposed to any new program and had a new twist that they desired to use the RAM PPA contract with no negiotiation terms going forward in some future RFOs that might be needed later.

There was some language from PG&E about what they would propose if they were forced to accept a new program extension.

In other filings that have occurred PG&E had joined SCE in once again proposing that their IOU and IPP PV program be terminated and folded into the last RAM allocations. Again SCE is trying to terminate their SPVP program with the third year offering last year that they were forced to hold against their wishes.

In looking at the comments filed by the lobbying groups that usually have some clout in CPUC proceedings, it seemed to me that these were not strong enough to overcome the desires of the utilities to terminate the program with RAM 5 this coming June.

Comments and lobbying efforts should be made about this expected outcome, if your companies care about future RFOs for 20MW and lower size projects into next year.



  1. FYI – Opposition from IOUs re: additional RAM solicitations.

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    • Hello Chris,
      I don’t understand what you were trying to say?

      John Barnes

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