Posted by: jbarnesca | March 26, 2014

CAISO/SCE Cluster 7 Applications

The coming Cluster 7 CAISO and SCE interconnection application deadlines for projects ~20MW and larger are approaching.  SCE has distribution circuits that support 20MW projects so I include their WDAT cluster in this discussion.  This window is from April 1st to April 30th this year.

So why could this be interesting?  Remember that starting with Cluster 5 in April 2012 the usual massive number of applications dropped off significantly as groups realized that obtaining a PPA and operating the projects before the ITC expiration deadline did not seem probable. Even now the Cluster 5 applications do not seem well set up for the RAM RFO in June, due to the timing of those interconnection completions.

Then why would you submit for Cluster 7 in a month from now?

What if you wanted to place a long term bet that the ITC issue would not be too bad, that the carrying costs of Cluster 5- Cluster 6 projects for 3-4 years would force most to drop them, and then you might be set up for a change in policy and need for PV at that time?  Also you would be able to resubmit projects that had earlier dropped out with known SIS and Facilities reports for possible reference to guess the cost when most in the prior queues had dropped out. The significant deposits from the Phase I and Phase II studies are not even starting until 2015, so you could have a bet with possible little carrying costs to see what happens.

Let us see what the leaders and new long term players think and how large this Cluster 7 group of submission becomes.

If you need help in developing projects for this application, surely give us a call to make that happen at Solar Land Partners, Inc.?






  1. That’s a big bet given the advent of DR with localized storage and islanding. My bet is large DO solar POWER and thermal generation is a losing proposition. Microgrids are the future.

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