Posted by: jbarnesca | April 1, 2014

PG&E 2013 RPS Compliance Report 4/1/2014

The “2013 Preliminary Annual 33% RPS Compliance Report of Pacific Gas and Electric Company” was published today.  So let’s look at what they are saying now.

Using the data up to February 10, 2014 they had procured approximately 22.5% of their 2013 retail sales with actual 2013 deliveries from prior RPS procurements.  Of note is that 78% of this came from projects executed before June 1, 2010 and before the phenomenal drop in prices that have occurred in subsequent annual RFO and RAM solicitations.

Also they once again state no further need for Renewables until the 2020 time frame.

PG&E RPS 2014

They state why in the 2013 RPS RFO they have sought incremental capacity with a preference for 2020 operation.

I would expect that the SCE filing will produce similar statements.



  1. How about posting a link to PG&E’s recently published RPS Compliance Report (4/01/2014)?

  2. Have SCE and SDG&E published theirs? If so do you have the link?

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