Posted by: jbarnesca | April 9, 2014

Probable PG&E PV IPP RFO in June

Since the filing in December of 2012 by PG&E to try to terminate the third thru fifth year of their PV program this RFO for projects between 1-20MW has been in considerable limbo.  Let me refresh your memory on some aspects of this program.  This was the PG&E PV only program with a stated allocation of 250MW for the utility to build and 250 for IPP bids divided into 50MW for each over a 5 year period.  The SCE program was called the SPVP program with a bias for smaller ~1.5MW or lower rooftop projects.  These programs proceeded normally for the first two years, then the Utilities filed advice letters and requests to TERMINATE their programs and basically throw the remaining allocations into the normal RAM yearly offerings. Last year against their wishes(to my total surprise that they did not get what they wanted)  SCE was forced to hold the third round of the IPP portion, while being allowed to terminate their UOG portion and put that capacity into the RAM allocation.  That is why their RAM allocation was increased to the level seen today.

The new status is the rejection of the PG&E termination effort and their giving up for a third round of the IPP portion with an RFO in June.  There were earlier docs which were rejected but I believe this one from Feb 26 will probably be the accepted version, with some minor changes from the objection period.

Key takeaways:

  • They desire to offer a PV only RFO for 58MW in June at the same timing for the RAM 5 RFO
  • They desire to revise the PPA document to closely match that being used for the RAM 5 RFO.  There were different PPAs for projects 1-3MW and then up to 20MW in the first two years of the program and in the program design and CPUC approval at that time.
  • Because of the initial program attributes projects from 1-3MW are allowed, one last time.  However going forward they will be excluded as is done in the RAM RFO.
  • They and SCE are still trying to terminate the 4th and 5th year of the IPP program
  • They will then place the remaining 4th and 5th years of both their UOG and IPP programs into a separate later RFO that is PV only but using the mechanics of the RAM RFO  This is a new 200MW opportunity. They specifically do not want this to be called a RAM 6 extension, but separate.

So in summary PG&E has been FORCED to have a third year PV program RFO like SCE was last year. It is the normal 50MW per year plus the 8MW coming from the terminated SilRay projects from the second year RFO.

So at present this change could produce a 58MW PV only PG&E RFO for this June and a psuedo RAM extension in PG&E territory for 200MW more over a new two year period.


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