Posted by: jbarnesca | May 29, 2014

RAM 5 Approved and Underway by SCE

On May 29, 2014, SCE filed Advice 3045-E with the Commission which finalized changes in the RAM procedures and PPA documents.  There will be a web conference on June 5th but developers will have to be almost finished by that time on the large application documentation as the deadline for submission is still June 27th as expected.

SCE states a desire to purchase these allocations:

  • solar 150-190MW
  • wind 80-120MW
  • geothermal, biomass 0-40MW

Later in the day both PG&E and SDG&E filed their advice letters for RAM 5, so the program is underway for June as expected.

There are other posting which have stated that the winning bids for the RAM 4 RFO were in the $0.073/KWh range, but I suspect that was at the high portion of the range.  This is of course before the TOU adder which is different for each of the IOUs and is much different with and without full capacity allocations.



  1. How were folks able to reply so quickly to the IOU’s solicitations? I suppose they’d have to have had a portfolio of almost-shovel-ready projects sitting around.

    And possibly related to the RFO, any insight into how Shared Renewables might shake out next year? I’ve read the CPUC proceedings but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of will to create anything new and effective. But I could be missing something….

    • The RAM 5 RFO round was set up so that only a few experienced developers with projects underway for several years would be able to respond and have any chance of winning and meeting the requirements to win. The interconnection queue timing of needing to be a Cluster 4 or 5 was a killer.

      At present the Utilities have made sure that no new procurement mechanism or viable program is in the works for this space of Shared Renewables.

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