Posted by: jbarnesca | September 24, 2014

ReMAT Results Thru August 2014

In the update presentation today from PG&E, SDG&E, and SCE the results for the first 6 program period rounds of the ReMAT program for the solar projects was presented.

You can see that for SCE some sanity has occurred among the participants with the price at the $81/MWh level for the next acceptance period.  However you can see the insane actions by some participants in PG&E territory.  Financing a project of that small size at the $51/MWh level even if it had full capacity TOU payments would seem quite a challenge.


Present REMAT Results

For baseload (geothermal etc.) and non peaking (wind and biogas) these programs are completely stalled with few participants as noted.



  1. Really appreciate your insights. I would like to talk about the program when you have time.

    Thank you,

    Tom Pickard Executive Vice President

    Solar Provider Group 714 W Olympic Blvd Suite 936 Los Angeles, CA 90015 mobile: 213-908-9381


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