Posted by: jbarnesca | January 24, 2015

RAM 6 For ~June 30th time frame

Out of the proceedings for the RPS requirements for the utilities for the coming year, D.14-11-042, issued on Nov 20, 2014, and a first proposed ruling for the long-awaited SB 43 program(now called Green Tariff Shared Renewables GTSR), some changes are occurring for a new RAM 6 offering this June.  This ruling allocated a new RAM 6 capacity of 75MW distributed among the three IOUs, and set a proposed offering time of June 30th for this further continuation of RAM as we have known it.

RAM 6 Attributes

It is important to now separate the RAM procedure and process for procuring renewables from a specific RAM PPA as has been the case.  This proceeding will now allow the mechanism, legal documents,  and requirements of the RAM process to be used for upcoming unspecified PPA procurement on the behalf of the IOUs.  However the CPUC made changes that are very favorable to the Utilities’ desires.

For future offerings the minimum size and maximum project size restrictions will be eliminated. The range from 1-3MW was previously set aside for special programs in the past such as the IPP programs of SCE/PG&E/SDG&E, the SCE CREST program, and the present Re-MAT program.

A phase II study or equivalent Facilities study is necessary for PPA procurement under RAM offerings.

Also it seems that the utilities after RAM 6 will be allowed to change the maximum size in the past of 20MW  to an unlimited size.  So with these changes all the protected program advantages of projects 1-3MW, and the up to 20MW, from the huge ~100-200MW projects in the desert will be taken away.

I will write about the possible consequences of these changes in another posting soon.


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