Posted by: jbarnesca | September 18, 2015

Future RAM RFOs by California IOUs (call to action by developer community)

Now that the final CPUC required RAM RFOs have been completed, it is time to consider the future status of RAM like RFOs in California that have significant capacity allocations to allow further development of projects going forward.

From my reading of the present status of CPUC rulings, the IOUs can rather arbitrarily use the RAM “process” to have offerings when they want for whatever capacity they may want.

In the SCE comments on the ongoing GTSR program Phase IV they state that they will not have another RAM RFO by itself. They will only have the annual RPS RFO solicitation, but might incorporate multiple programs in that one offering somehow!

This is not a tolerable situation for the development of significant solar going forward because of such uncertainty it presents.

It is time once again for developers to lobby with the legislature and the CPUC to produce a new series of Mandated RFO offerings by the three IOUs.  This was how we got CREST modified to be a viable program, significant allocations for the SCE SPVP and PG&E IPP programs established, and the RAM program continued up to now as some successes.  On the other hand, when the developer community did not stand together we got the Re-MAT program.


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