Posted by: jbarnesca | September 18, 2015

SCE SPVP 5 Closing on Sept 21st

It is now the end of the bidding submission period for the SCE SPVP 5 program RFO on Sept 21st.  The stated goals of that offering are:

SPVP 5 procurement

As has been the standard for this program from the beginning this was to be for rooftop projects mostly, and the 25 MWdc allocation for ground mount systems was allocated long ago.  There was great effort in finding roof tops of large warehouses in the LA basin that would handle >1MW ac systems for some time, so the amount of previously scouted sites is large for this believed to be final offering.  Remember that SCE submitted CPUC documents to cancel this program and only have the RAM program; however, amazingly they were not allowed to do this.

This offering shows the start of selecting projects based on a Preferred Resources Area criterion.  This is stated to be a Pilot of that upcoming new restricted bid winning criteria for future RFO bids I suspect.  You can see in the plot below their first preferred regions for this offering.

Prefered Resources Area

Going forward there would seem to be no size restrictive RFO programs for SCE, or PG&E/SDG&E for that matter, that do not allow bidding of projects up to the size of 20MW in the same RFO.  It was far better when some programs were kept for the <10MW size projects, so that they could bid in concert with the economics and advantages of these more distributed generation projects.  The extremely small allocation every other month of the ReMAT program that was totally ruined by the final proceedings, has become a token small system RFO program with winning pricing so low as to be unviable.


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