Posted by: jbarnesca | January 23, 2016

PG&E RAM 6 Winners

On Friday 1/22 PG&E published the results of their RAM 6 RFO in advice letter 4780-E. This was the first RFO that also included the required 50MW RFO for the GTSR (Green Tariff Shared Renewables) program.  So these two sets of programs were treated differently in this process.

For the designated RAM and old PV program portion there were 5 winning bids.  This table shows the winning and losing companies behind the winning bidding project company names for both the RAM, PV, and GTSR programs.  Those project company names are sometimes simple and sometimes strange, but they usually disguise the company behind them:

PG&E RAM 6 winners

In the bidding chart above note the preponderance of offers from Recurrent Energy and Mirasol Development.  Mirasol had three little 1MW wins in the GTSR category.  However note the high winning percentage by the competent sPower team with 5 bids and 3 wins in the RAM portion of the offering. sPower won 60MW with these three 20MW projects in the LA county area.

There was comment in the evaluator’s section that the winning bids for the normal RAM portion were close to last year’s winning bids; while those for the GTSR program were slightly higher as expected due to the generally small sizes.  However as noted the two 20MW winners in the GTSR program consumed most of that capacity allocation.  One was from Recurrent and one from 8 minute Energy.

Also note that in a simultaneous filing PG&E is petitioning to stop all further RAM RFOs, in spite of remaining capacity.


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