Posted by: jbarnesca | February 3, 2016

SCE RAM 6 Winning Bids and Comments

Yesterday on February 2nd SCE submitted their Advice Letter 3357-E to the CPUC with the winning bids from the 2015 RAM 6 solicitation.  It should be noted that this is the last  RAM program RFO that is required of SCE by the CPUC and legislature.  Additionally in the PG&E Advice Letter described earlier, PG&E has petitioned to discontinue further RAM program RFOs that were earlier ordered by the CPUC.  So in summary, the RAM RFO program as we have known it is most probably over.  Also remember that the utilities have been allowed to use the RAM program “mechanism” for future RFOs that they may choose to hold in the future.  Of course none are scheduled.

The winning bids for this RAM 6 auction were:

SCE RAM 6 Winning Bids

There was a 5MW Land Fill Gas project that made up the final winning bid.

Some notable items found in the Advice Letter were that there were only 18 passing RAM bids from 12 developers this round.  As you can note from prior year offerings, the number of developers that have kept these 20MW projects active for several years with all of the huge utility interconnection process deposits and long and complicated permitting processes is dwindling.

In a further advice letter 3358-E for the GTSR (Name for SB 43 enacted program) component that award was only one 20MW project owned by Recurrent Energy.  They had earlier effectively petitioned the CPUC to reduce their REQUIRED initial offering from 50MW and put the rest into the upcoming annual RPS RFO.  Amazing how the Utilities change the intent of legislative laws with the help of the CPUC!!!  So you can see once again that the expectation of developing new  smaller projects in that program are not happening.

More effective lobbying by the smaller developer community is surely needed once again to FORCE the utilities to procure solar from smaller than 20MW projects in the next few years.


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