Posted by: jbarnesca | August 17, 2016

CAISO Cluster 9 Interconnection Queue Insanity

My checking today (8-11-2016) of the present status of the CAISO Cluster 9 interconnection queue from the application last April showed some totally unexpected results.  I expected a large increase from Cluster 8 with the ITC extension, but this was way out of my expectations.

Counting only solar, or solar/storage, there are currently 94 projects moving toward the phase 1 study.  The majority of them are projecting operation in the late 2019 into 2020 time period.

The total amount applied for is 21.06 GW!

This is a mindboggling amount of speculation that that much capacity would find a PPA in CA in that time frame with the attitude of the utilities and no new RPS legislation that would force them to purchase such capacity.



  1. Hi John,

    It is my belief and bet that with the onset of affordable rooftop solar coupled with dropping prices of home based energy storage, the large solar farm projects are living dinosaurs.



  2. Could it be non-utility GTSR?

    • Those required program capacities seem very small to me

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